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Chiron: the gift of the wound

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When clients come to my practice for past life therapy, I usually draw their birth chart to get a good impression of their psychological issues and underlying themes. One of the first things I take a closer look at, is the placement of asteroid Chiron.


Chiron is an asteroid, like a big rock or tiny planet, circling the Sun in its own orbit, that symbolizes the primal wound. In Greek mythology Chiron was the wise old centaur and teacher. Whevever Chiron is placed in your birth chart, will give excellent indications for the nature of your primal psychological wound (everybody has one), a theme we often live with, carry along and work with for many liftimes, until it is healed.


Chiron is also a good indicator for our innate ability to heal, and be a healer and teacher for others. However, to be able to receive the gift of Chiron of being a healer, one must often first face and heal one’s own wound. Chiron also symbolizes the ”wounded healer’’: the healer that has healed himself.

Primal wound

So what is this primal wound? Well, because of the pure nature of existence in duality, where ”good” and ”evil” play out their parts, incarnation as a human being usually comes with scrapes and bumps. Most of us face painful situations right from the beginning of the incarnation process. Situations we can’t resolve, heal or process at that time, and as a consequence of which we draw false conclusions and attach negative beliefs about ourselves and about life. This is because we are overwhelmed, and we cannot place things in the right perspective, as the experience is simply too painful at the time. Think for instance of major traumatic experiences like the loss of a loved one, a child, of violence and war.

Inner conflict

That first psychological wounding we cannot heal at that time, subsequently returns to us in many guises: not because the Universe wants to harass us, but because we still carry the energy of the trauma in our system. We aren’t done with it yet, we are still in inner conflict. We believe negative  things we then make real, and as long as we haven’t resolved our inner pain and conflict, we keep projecting them out into the world.

The world as a mirror

The outside world, functioning as a mirror, keeps giving us back what we believe. That’s not a lot of fun, but when we can see it for what it is: a reflection of our inner wound, our inner conflict, we can use this as a chance to resolve it and heal ourselves. To heal the primal wound and become powerful healers in our own right.

Facing the pain

chironBut we do have to work for it! The first step in the Chiron-process is to face the pain and accept that the situations we don’t like are simply reflections of what we believe. These subconscious beliefs the world gives back to us aren’t necessarily true, on the contrary, but because we believe them with such fervor, the world returns them to us with great force.

If we can step out of victim-mode and accept these incidents as keys, as clues, we have already won half the game. Then we take responsibility for our pain and our healing, and become proactive on the path to our own growth and empowerment.


An example: because of my own primal wound (Chiron in Pisces in the 8th house conjunct the north node) I have had problems with what you might call the ”dark side” of the other world for many past lives, up until this one: demonic entities, black magicians and the lot. Not nice, especially when they come pester you in your sleep.

Despite my knowledge of the Chironic process and the great amount of inner work I had done for myself, at a certain point I had had enough and complained to Archangel Michael. I was in a trance state, working on the old beliefs that still made me vulnerable to these attacks and contacted him. ”Dammit, archangel Michael, why does it always have to be this way? Why can’t you guys upstairs protect me a little more from the bad guys?”

The answer was immediate and filled with great serenity and clarity: ”Because you are a creator, and as such you are so powerful that your own convictions are stronger than what we might achieve.”


Well now! There was the paradox. As a creator (as we all are) my fear-and pain based beliefs are stronger than the possible intervention of the archangels. This made me think. As creators, we are so powerful that we, with great conviction, make our own fear-based beliefs true, time and again, day after day, and even the archangels cannot and may not come between that.

When we turn that idea around, it figures we as powerful creators can face and understand our fears, heal and transform our beliefs, so we can start creating what we truly want to experience.

The how

But how do we do this? How do we transform our our pain, our primal wound and the associated negative beliefs about the world into growth, healing, creativity and joy?

The realization that we truly create everything we experience ourselves is the first and most important step. To accept responsibility for the life we have created takes us out of victim mode and empowers us. Then it is key to be open to seeing the clues the Universe provides us with. Everthing that happens ”to” you can be a clue for understanding the nature of your primal wounding, the pain-and fear based beliefs from which you might create negative experiences.


Are people constantly crossing your boundaries? Then do some digging on the theme of boundaries. Do feel you have a right to your boundaries? If no, what might have created that belief? Weren’t you allowed to say ”no” as a child, or to exercise your own will, were you punished for that in some way?

Investigate your own psyche and search for limiting beliefs, find out where they come from: your childhood, your family, past lives. Acknowledge them and do what is necessariy to transform them.

For some, theta healing is a fantastic way to clean up the psychological web of their inner beliefs. For others, past life therapy works great. Personally, I use both, both professionaly and privately.

Others use meditation, different forms of energy healing, different forms of therapy. Whatever works best for you, take responsibility for your own pain and healing, go with the process, investigate the roots of your wound and take action.


You will see that the rewards are greater than the pain: the freedom and empowerment that comes from truly knowing you are the creator of your own experience, your world, your life; that you can transform anything and that you CAN experience all the love, joy and creativity you want and have in you as an immortal being!