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Dreams for healing and transformation


In these intense times, when everything that had not yet come to light is emerging to be healed, both collectively and individually, our dreams may also become more intense.

Into the light

Everything that is still unconscious is highlighted in your dreams: fears and limiting programs that can go as far back as past lives or even our first incarnation trauma. But dreams immediately provide us with insights that can help us navigate the labyrinth. These can lead us to the freedom of being and expressing our radiant authentic selves.


In addition, our helpers also come along in dreams in all kinds of disguises. In our dreams, we can have encounters with all kinds of guides: angels, lovers from past lives, animal spirits. But also loved ones in our current life who have passed on can come along in dreams – these are often characterized by great clarity.

Dream coach

You could see your dreams as your highly personal coach. They are an inexhaustible and versatile source of inspiration, insight, strength and comfort and can make for great psychological and spiritual breakthroughs – if we can understand them!


Contrary to popular belief, there are no fixed dream symbols. We are all unique and have our own history. We all have our personal myths with the associated unique symbolism: our personal dream language.

Personal subconscious

Our dreams draw on our personal “bookcase” of experiences, images and feelings and express themselves as best they can. Therefore sites or books listing symbols and their general explanations rarely lead to breakthroughs.

Non-symbolic dreams

Of course there are also dreams that are less based on symbolism: those dreams in which we travel to other dimensions, have encounters with deceased loved ones, take trips to the Akashic records and retrieve important experiences from past lives.

Personal journey

But these dreams are still embedded in our personal journey and fully integrating them requires us to make the connection between the dream and the here and now. The other dimensions and the present moment. What does that dream mean to you now? How can the insight help you to manifest your true self even better on earth?


Then, there are nightmares. These are dreams that show us where our greatest fears still reside. They also immediately give us the best key to healing and transformation. These dreams are not sent to give us a hard time, quite the contrary! They show us important issues that need to be faced if we are to free ourselves from anything that still hinders us in our freedom, joy and manifestation here on Earth.

Keys to transformation

As a dream worker, I like working with nightmares the best of all: because I know that they contain the best keys to liberation and transformation. The place where our fears live is where the greatest transformation can take place.


A young man came to my practice with a bad nightmare. An apocalyptic dream in which monsters slaughtered his entire hometown. When we stepped back into the dream in a session, we went looking for the source of the monsters. To his (and my) surprise, we ended up meeting Archangel Michael!

Spiritual warrior

The angel’s presence was palpable in the room – a solemn silence filled with crystal clarity descended on us. The dream monsters showed the young man where he did not dare to stand tall. Where he wasn’t honest with himself yet, and why. With Michael’s help, he faced his fear and took up his inner warriorhood. He stood up as a spiritual warrior: one who faces his fear and stands for truth.

Spiritually tailor-made

If you want the most up-to-date information about your own growth and transformation process, you cannot get better guidance than from your dreams. They are tailor-made for you. From mundane issues that still bother you to parts of your soul that want to be realized. From loved ones who want to connect with you to help from other dimensions of existence… They always make sense and come at the divinely right time!

Dream coach

As a psychologist and past-life therapist, I have a stack of different techniques that we can apply to dreams to understand them and do their transformative work. From going back in your dream into light trance, dream constellations to dream interviewing – the simplest way, which can often lead to great insights in a short time.


Curious? Do you have an intense dream that you would like to understand? I will be giving dream consultations again starting at the end of August!

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