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Healing the inner wound as a way to spiritual mastery


The wound is the place where the light enters you. Rumi

In my therapy practice I often see people who, just like me, began the incarnation process long ago from the desire to heal living beings – and especially those who suffer. This deep desire and the process of incarnation it sets in motion, also brings along with it some pitfalls and obstacles that need to be addressed, if we want to heal not only others, but also ourselves.

Suffering as an impulse for incarnation

Many beings who undertake the incarnation process, incarnated angels and light beings especially, are deeply moved by the suffering that exists in the physical and astral worlds and dimensions. It often incites them to take action, to want to help and heal.
But because they don’t have any first-hand knowledge and insight into the nature of suffering, and the function of suffering in those worlds, they sometimes get caught up in strategies of trying to diminish, take away, or avoid suffering that only continue it.

Suffering serves a purpose

However odd it may sound, suffering has a place in this Universe. Those beings that go through the deepest suffering feel the need to seek healing – whether in this life, or in subsequent incarnations. The quest for healing is a road that leads to enormous growth in consciousness and the development of our healing abilities – for ourselves and for others.

An example from the animal world

I heard a wonderful example of this principle through a client of mine. A horse had been severely abused and was distrustful of all human beings was put up for sale at a riding school  – it was either that, or the butcher’s.  The owner of the riding school bought it, treated it with natural horsemanship, and now the horse has become a master healer. It cannot wait to assist people in psychological constellations with horses and allows children to ride on its back. The horse has transformed itself from a wounded being to a Master Healer – and so, has grown to be more than it was before.

The ”wounded healer”

Not only horses can grow to be healers in this way, naturally this principle also works with dogs, cats, birds, even trees, crystals, and – people. The archetype of the Wounded Healer, the wounded being who heals himself and becomes a healer and teacher for others, works for all living beings.


One of the pitfalls we encounter on our way from wounded being to healer in the incarnation process however, is not being at peace with suffering. It is one of the most prevalent obstacles I come across in practice. When we are not at peace with suffering, we resist what IS. We try to eliminate pain, take it over from someone else, or push it away and in doing so we only reinforce suffering and rob ourselves or the other of a golden opportunity.

The nature of suffering

It may sound strange to beings who have incarnated in physical bodies, with emotional and astral bodies capable of experiencing pain, but suffering serves an important function in our development.

Suffering forces us to grow

When we experience pain, we can choose to follow one of three paths. We can deny our pain and repress it, which leads to a halt in our growth and development. We can go into victim mode, lean on other people’s energy which has the same outcome. Or we can seek out ways to heal ourselves.


In order to do that, we need to gain insight in the nature of suffering. In doing so, we gain understanding of life itself and all its facets and frequencies, from low to high – en-lightening it, which is the real cure.

Suffering can lead to growth in consciousness

By seeking out insight and healing we gain a deep understanding of the nature of suffering – and in doing so, into what is needed to heal us and grow – and so in the nature of wholeness itself.

The darkness

In my own search for wholeness I had to travel through many painful experiences of trauma, violence, abuse, manipulation and distortion of truth. I had to confront evil in all its manifestations through countless lifetimes. To facilitate my own healing, I had to gain insight into the nature of evil and the methods it uses, the suffering it causes and what is needed to heal those wounds.

Conversations with the Light

To do this, I recently had a couple of good conversations with my Higher Self and Source with the assistance of an Arkansas self-healed crystal. A self-healer is a crystal that sometime in its history has broken off, and healed itself by growing new crystals and terminations on the fractures – a wonderful example of self-healing.

Evil IS not

In conversation with my crystal and my soul, it became clear to me that evil isn’t really anything. It is only the will to destroy, distort, steal, abuse what IS – that which is good. Al that IS, exists, is inherently good, natural, real, authentic – and every force that manipulates, steals, and uses for malignant purposes is what we would call “evil”. But in and of itself, evil doesn’t bring forth anything, creates nothing, and IS nothing. Darkness is only the absence or distortion of light.

Suffering is only the absence of wholeness

Just as evil is only the absence of light, suffering is only the absence of wholeness. Sickness is the absence of health. Trauma is the distortion by outside forces of physical, emotional, and psychological wholeness.

Exploring wholeness

Suffering, then, forces us to heal ourselves by exploring the very nature of wholeness. It brings deep insight and high consciousness in the divine wholeness that is our true nature and makes us seed it and plant it in this reality and other dimensions.
Evil, disease, trauma push us towards the light to find healing.
For healing to occur, we must answer these questions: what IS health? What IS truth? What IS wholeness? What IS joy? What IS love? Who AM I?

From lack to manifestation

By experiencing the lack of wholeness, we go searching for what it is like to have it, and find that we always had it in us – and bring it to a higher level, with added consciousness.
By experiencing the dark we go in search of the light. By experiencing disease we search for healing and bring the conscious experience of having a healthy body to a higher level. By experiencing abuse and trauma we search for the nature of true love, empowerment, and truth and take our ability to experience them to a higher octave.

More than a cure

Healing from disease, pain, trauma is not just the restoration of our original blueprint. It is much more than that: we become more than we were. We grow beyond trauma to become the highest manifestation of who we are.

Crystallizing the soul

In order to heal ourselves, we need to bring the wisdom of the soul and our Higher Being into the current personality on earth. In doing so, we fulfil the desire of the soul to seed itself out, to manifest itself and crystallize in many manifestations and incarnations, in matter, on the earthly plane, and create a light trail of consciousness for others.
Or, as my Arkansas crystal told me: “By going through the deepest suffering and healing it, you create a trail of light and consciousness in the darkness for everyone to follow.’’

The answer is in the question

Just as a good question already contains the answer within it, so is the frequency of healing and wholeness contained within the disease, the trauma, suffering itself. That is why it is so important not to deny pain and suffering and push it from our reality, but to experience its inherent truth, in the highest possible way, with compassion, light, consciousness and a connection to Source. We can do this ourselves or with the therapeutic assistance that works best for us.


By not losing our conscious connection by going away from pain but to enlighten it with our consciousness, and gain insight into it, we can heal, which is a return to our original state of wholeness plus growth.
For this reason, like most past life therapists I always ask my therapy clients to gather examples of moments in which their psychological “wound” was triggered – what did you feel, what did you think, what was your body telling you? These thoughts, feelings and somatic responses can take us back to the original wounding in the past, and insight in its nature, whereupon we can heal it.

Resistance against or peace with suffering

Resistance against suffering maintains it – experiencing it without judgement and bringing the light of consciousness into it, brings enlightenment, healing, and growth.

Just as the lotus growths from the darkest mud of unconsciousness to the light, we grow by experiencing, with all that entails of unease, darkness and pain, to consciousness growth and the realization of our wonderful soul on Earth.
But… that doesn’t mean we have to like suffering!

Suffering is temporary

One of the realisations that can help us have peace with the existence of suffering, is the knowledge that we are eternal beings in a physical body, and that pain is by its very nature temporary. Our true state is divine perfection. No matter how much time we need to grow in consciousness on earth and bring wholeness on a higher plane by growing in consciousness, we are already perfect and whole.
We only have to connect to our true state of joyous wholeness at the level of the soul – for instance with the help of music, a crystal, mediation, a flower – to realize and experience our eternal wholeness in the here and now.

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