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Healing your original blueprint


When people think of ‘past life therapy’ they often think of reincarnation and past lives. But in practice, it often turns out the incarnation process in this life – our original blueprint, our true self and our soul mission for our current life and personality – is just as important to heal as any past life.


Right before we begin our incarnation process in this life we know it all so well: who we are, what our qualities are, where we come from and where we want to go. Our own frequency, our timbre or pitch if you like, our base energy is easy to sense. Our soul mission is completely clear to us, in its simplicity or in its grandeur. Our blueprint is still whole and complete.


We might experience our frequency, the personal ray of our Higher Being we incarnate on in this lifetime as a colour or colours. It has its own qualities. Some people experience their energy in incarnation sessions as yellow-gold with the quality of joy and creativity. Others might feel it as soft pink and experience its qualities of love, gentleness and compassion. Others might see their own energy as orange-red and feel it as assertiveness and drive. And some people experience their soul signature as lavender or white, calm and wise.


The qualities we bring into this lifetime from our own Higher being can be sensed in our own energy signature: like for instance playfulness, enthusiasm, courage, strength, patience, or empathy. Specific incarnation goals for this lifetime are also present in our energy and can be described more or less detailed as goals, missions, ideas and passion.


When we leave the place where we reside when we are still very close to our Soul or Higher Being and Source behind and descend towards Earth, we first pass through many layers of ever deepening contraction and narrowing of consciousness. These are the areas we can also meet other non-corporeal beings of all kinds: from wandering entities, tricksters and beings that feed off low frequency energy to the ever-present and helpful angels.


It is a vulnerable moment for the incarnating part of our soul. We are as ever still connected to Source and our Higher Being, yet the part of us that is setting sail for earth is in a somewhat vulnerable position. Not yet corporeal, open and pure, often bursting with love and enthusiasm for its mission, it spontaneously jumps, as it were, ‘down’ and — bang! It is confronted by energies of a very different kind.
The part of our soul that is incarnating, no matter how many incarnations we have had, however wise and experienced we may be, is always young and vulnerable again – like a hatchling, fresh from the egg. It springs from a world of unconditional love and Oneness, and is not prepared to meet much lower frequencies.


This is the moment, even before we land in our earthy form-to-be, that things can happen that may change the course and the condition of the incarnating part of our soul.

Collective suffering

Many highly sensitive clients I guide through these sessions, experience that, during their ‘descent’ to Earth they are overwhelmed by the energy of collective suffering that takes place there and which they can feel from a great distance. Sensitive and filled by their mission of love and helpfulness as they are, they might go into shock at this massive sense of suffering. This shock is a diminished form of consciousness in which they freeze, shrink and withdraw their energy. They then take on board a great deal of collective suffering into their own energy field.

Survival mechanism

This incident often grows into an instinctual mechanism, a survival mechanism that will repeat itself in their earthly life: ‘When I sense suffering in others I must make myself small and take on their suffering in order to survive.’ Nothing is further from the truth, of course, but because the mechanism is turned on so early in their incarnation, it becomes instinctual and very subconscious. It is a recipe for burn-out which is of utmost importance to recognize and heal at its point of origin. It is also important to release the collective suffering that was taken on, in order to be able to stand tall and shine from our own authentic energy.

Victim mentality

Some highly sensitive people get confused on their mission back to earth when they encounter non-corporeal beings, usually people who have died and are not conscious of it, that have chosen to bury themselves in a pit of negativity. At that moment, it might seem as if these beings need help; and some clients even choose to joint hem in an effort to ‘help’ but get stuck themselves. What is often needed is the realisation that these people, in a sense, choose to stay stuck in negativity and victim mentality. After all, they are free to go to the Light of Source at any time and there is plenty of assistance from the higher realms in the form of angels and loved ones wanting to give them a hand. They have to make the choice and take responsibility for themselves however, and take the first step towards their own liberation.


Another pitfall on the road to our next incarnation is deceit. Sometimes, in the vulnerable time of our descent we can be approached by beings with a friendly face but less than pure intentions. For instance, a therapy client of mine was approached by what appeared to be a benevolent being who tricked her into believing she was better off taking a different route than she originally intended – and she ended up being born into a family that was utterly unsuited to her needs and goals for this life. The being turned out to be someone she had some ancient history with, and wanted to cause her trouble out of an old desire for revenge.
Another was approached by what appeared to be a soulmate in need – and was subsequently hijacked by a deeply disturbed negative being that had, in fact plagued her family for at least two generations. Being tricked and hijacked under the cloak of illusion was an ancient karmic theme she had been dealing with since her fist incarnation, eons ago – so it was neatly illustrated and repeated again in this life, as these themes often do.

Primal trauma

Which brings me to the following: the kind of trauma we experience en route to our current incarnation on earth is often a repetition of a much older theme, and often of the very circumstances of our first incarnation: the ‘primal trauma’. Is that a bad thing?

Healing and empowerment

Well no, paradoxally it is just what we need from the perspective of the soul and our Higher Being, so we can become aware of our deepest core wound and the defence strategies we have built around it. Only then can we access our core wound, dismantle our defence strategies and truly heal ourselves in the deepest sense. There are many healing modalities available today for us to choose from, to heal ourselves at the deepest core. When we do, we are able to become our authentic self, access our purest soul qualities and truly shine our light on earth!

Wendy Gillissen, M.A. is a psychologist, past-life therapist and award-winning author based in the Netherlands. She does not conduct therapy sessions long-distance. If you feel you need assistance with any of the subjects mentioned in the article, please contact a professional past-life therapist or other professional in your area.)