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How to deal with earthbound spirits

entiteiten spirits geesten entities

When you are highly sensitive or raising your vibration, you will probably notice that your senses are heightened and you start feeling things much more intensely. Chances are, that you will also start sensing the energies around you much more consciously: the energies of the world and all living beings within it, but also of less tangible spirits like nature spirits, angels, elementals, and: spirits or entities.

What are earthbound entities?

‘Entity’ is a broad term and one might differentiate between many different kinds of entities. For the purpose of this article, with ‘entities’ I mean people (or other beings) who have passed away and are not aware of their current state.

When people pass over when their consciousness is impaired, like for instance in an accident, during drug or substance use or abuse, in a state of dementia or just in their sleep, they might not always be conscious of the fact that their bodies have died. They might linger in a fugue state, their old way of being, and continue with their old habits, without really understanding what’s going on. Because they are no longer in a physical body, they do not experience time as we do and can linger in this state for years, even centuries. Sometimes they suffer from loneliness and despair because they aren’t able to contact the living and don’t understand why.
We ourselves can even have one or more past lives that are still lingering, unaware of the fact that their bodies have passed away. They are entities or spirits too, and because they are a part of the same multidimensional Self or Soul as our current personality, it is essential for our well-being and development to help them and heal them.

A lost spirit from another lifetime: the Native girl in the snow

One day I became aware of a little voice deep inside, a voice connected to an old sense of loneliness. I have trained myself not to ignore such voices but to investigate them, so I immediately dropped everything I was doing sat on the couch and closed my eyes. I turned my attention inward and found her. A little Native American girl of about five years old.

The girl had been travelling with her tribe, walking through the snow, when she wandered off a little, to study one of the 1001 things that can pique the interest of a toddler. A glittering snowflake, a peculiar rock. Whatever it was, or the trail of adventurous things was, when she looked up, it was getting dark. And her family was gone.

The girl was in a state of utter panic and loneliness. She could not find her tribe. She trudged through the snow for hours. In the end she died, but she was not aware of it.
She kept searching until finally she found her tribe. But her people could not see her. She was desperate for their attention, to connect with them again, but as she was not in her body anymore, people simply did not see her. She didn’t understand. She thought she might have done something wrong. In her culture, children who were naughty were not scalded but ignored. Why didn’t anyone acknowledge her? What had she done wrong?

I walked over to her in the snow, knelt and put my arms around her. She held onto me tight and began to cry in long wails. Finally, there was someone for her.
When I told her she was free, and her body was one with the earth again, I felt the pain begin to fade. Then I told her: ‘Look! Your family is already waiting for you. They just couldn’t see you. They have been waiting for you all this time.’ I could see them too, a large group of people surrounded by a warm, glowing light of love. The icy loneliness melted away as I released the little girl and she ran towards her tribe with open arms. I felt the elation of joy rush through my heart as she was taken into the heart of her family again. Finally she was home.

Where do you find earthbound entities?

Entities are literally everywhere, especially in places where people have lived and died. In some places, you might find a higher concentration of earthbound entities. Think for instance of places where there has been a high incidence of accidents or disasters, battlefields, hospitals, psychiatric institutions.

Furthermore, because energy is not limited to the boundaries of the physical, to time or place, and we can (subconsciously) ‘tune into’ any energy, anywhere, any time, we can attract entities to us no matter where we are.

How do we end up with entities in our system?

It is in essence very easy to pick up an earthbound entity every once in a while, especially when you are highly sensitive. There are several reasons why and how this can happen. Here are a few of the most common:

1. When you are on the same frequency

Like attracts like, and the same goes for the spirit world. Just as we attract similar minded people and situations, we attract spirits that are on the same frequency. When you are on a low frequency like fear or depression, you might more easily attract and subconsciously allow fearful, depressed entities into your energy system. This alone is a good reason to keep your frequency as high as possible at all times.

2. When you are not present enough in your physical body

When you are not grounded, tired, emotionally and energetically depleted your energetic boundaries are much frailer, your discernment is less sharp, and so earthbound entities can slip in undetected more easily.

The Greek drunk
I was on the journey home, back from Greece when my friend and I were stranded at the airport for a while. My friend was tired, hungry and cold, and sat shivering on the little bench for some time. When we were back home she remained blurry, vague, and had trouble thinking clearly as if she had the flu. Because the ‘flu’ would not subside, even after several weeks, we decided to investigate further and it turned out she had picked up three entities at the airport! One was a young homeless person, an alcoholic who had died while intoxicated. Here was the main cause of her blurry state! We asked his loved ones for assistance and sure enough, a grandmother came around, a little old Greek lady dressed in black who lovingly escorted him to the Light. As soon as he was gone, so were the ‘flu’ symptoms.

In a hurry
After a past life therapy session with a client who had a lot of trouble with earthbound entities, I was a little late and hurried off to a dinner appointment without taking the time to rest and ground myself. I cycled all the way across town in a hurry, and when I arrived I felt weird: I was hazy, didn’t feel like myself, and experienced a melancholy mood I couldn’t quite place. I quickly performed a muscle test and sure enough, after my talk about the importance of grounding to my client, I had ignored my own advice and picked up a lady who had died and lost her way on my hurried race through town! Because there were no complications, I could easily let her go and allow her into the care of Archangel Michael to be carried to the Light.

3. When you allow them in subconsciously

Sometimes we subconsciously allow earthbound entities to ‘hitch a ride’ with us because we have difficulty saying ‘no’, feel sorry for them, have a subconscious need to ‘help’ everyone. This is common amongst sensitive and empathic people who sometimes have difficulties with boundaries and being assertive, and also with people who have many past lives in temples, in caring professions, people with angelic backgrounds, etc. If you experience a lot of trouble with earthbound spirits in your system you might want to find out whether you have trouble setting healthy boundaries and if so, why.

The next-door neighbour
A past life client of mine often experienced a strange sense of fear and sadness whenever she tried to meditate. When we investigated the feeling, we found she had an elderly lady with her who was sad and confused. She also seemed dizzy and disoriented. When we journeyed to the time she had picked up the lady, my client found out it was when she was still living at home with her parents. There was a next-door neighbour, an elderly lady who was lonely and often came for a little visit. Even though my client didn’t always feel like letting her in, she always did because she felt sorry for her. When the lady died in hospital, probably in surgery and under anesthetic, she was confused and found her way to my client again.
When she realized this, my client could easily release the lady into the loving care of her family and the angels. Next, we did a therapy session to heal the lonely child inside herself, who had subconsciously let the elderly lady in to ease her own loneliness.

Who’s holding onto whom?
Another client of mine suffered from extreme tiredness. When we delved into it, we discovered a past life of hers, a wise old man. There was a multitude of people ‘hanging unto’ his energy field, people who had wanted his help and made themselves dependant on him. Now, entities can never do this unless you somehow, however subconsciously, allow them, so I asked him why he still allowed these people to hang onto him. After a while, he admitted that it gave him a sense of worth, that these people needed him. When we had worked on his self-worth, the man could let the people go, and so my client could as well, and the exhaustion faded away.

4. When you have an old program or oath in your system

It is not unusual for people who have many past lives where they lived in temples, were trained as priests and priestesses, monks or nuns, to have sworn oaths that still leave them too open to spirits in need. Oaths for instance, in which one swears to ‘always help, everyone and everywhere’ can make you subconsciously open up to needy entities, and let them latch onto you. These kinds of oaths are easy to find with the help of muscle testing, for instance. Sometimes, to release the oath, it is necessary to find and heal the past life that swore it in the first place, especially if this life ended tragically and the past life itself is still unaware of the fact they have died!
After this, releasing the oath is usually easy, for instance with the aid of theta healing.

5. Because you have a personal, karmic or family tie to the entity

Sometimes people have deceased family members with them who died without being conscious of the fact. Often there is some kind of emotional entanglement, that needs to be resolved before we can let go of the father, sister, baby or aunt in a good way. When this process is done right, it can turn into a beautiful healing experience, both for the family member as for the deceased.
People you have ties with from past lives, positive as well as problematic, can also still be entangled with your energy. to release such ties it is usually a good idea to enlist the help of an experienced (past life) therapist.

6. Because you are a beacon of light

Earthbound spirits are often, whether they realize it or not, looking for a way home, to the Light. When you are functioning on a high frequency you might unwittingly become a beacon of light for people who have lost their way. Of course, they should not remain with you. But some spirits are afraid to go to the actual Light because they fear being judged or going to hell. A little talk in which you explain that they are safe and will be taken care of with love, and their loved ones are waiting to take them home, is usually enough to get these people over the threshold and on their way home.

The cold attic
One winter’s day in February I was visiting a friend to play the harp. She kept her harps in a little attic room, that was heated well by a small electric heater. Still, the room was so cold that my fingers were too stiff to be able to play. I became aware of a cold so tangible, I could almost see it! Then I realized there was something else going on. I reached out with my senses to the cold and felt there were several lost entities in the room. I created a circle around myself with my intention, so I would not take on board all the emotions of the spirits (my personal Achilles’ heel). Then I began to speak to them. I explained that they had passed over, that they were safe and sound and able to go home. While speaking I received more and more personal information. One young girl was afraid to go ‘up’ because she feared going to ‘hell’. When I explained that ‘hell’ as some of us were taught does not exist as such, she was ready to take the leap and went up with her angels. After a while, all the spirits had gone and the room was warm again.

Are earthbound entities ‘scary?’ Can they harm us?

No, entities are for the most part just people who have lost their way. Usually, all they need is to be made conscious of their situation and be taken into the care of their angels and loved ones.
The greatest reason entities can be a bit of a nuisance is because when we allow them into our energy fields, their presence is a drain on our energy and we feel their emotions and sense their thoughts, mistaking them for our own. That is why it is important, when you suspect one or more entities in your energy field, to take action. In most cases, this can actually be easy. Just being aware of the fact that that actually IS one in your field, and surrendering them consciously to the angels or Archangel Michael to be brought to the Light is usually enough to resolve the situation.
Only when there is a personal connection, a karmic tie, a strong belief program that holds them in place or makes you attract them again and again, will it be necessary to call in an experienced professional in this area like a trained past life therapist or medium.

When you are dealing with entities you have karmic ties or emotional entanglements with, or dark entities (more about them in a later article) it is always a good idea to call in a trained professional because they are much more psychologically complex and more difficult to handle expertly by yourself.

How do you know whether you have an earthbound entity in your energy field?

There are a number of symptoms that might point to the presence of an earthbound entity in your system :
1. Sudden mood changes (anger, depression, fear)
2. Sudden thoughts that seem alien to your usual way of thinking
3. Sudden exhaustion
4. Sudden flu-like symptoms, sudden rashes that appear and disappear with no clear reason
4. Sudden physical symptoms without a clear cause (always consult a physician)
5. Sudden chills and cold

When we have entities in our system that have been there for a long time, we are less aware of them because we don’t know any different. We for interface believe the tiredness, the lethargy, the negative moods and fears belong to us.

When you keep having the feeling that you have thoughts and feelings that do not really belong to you, it might be a godo idea to investigate whether you have one or more entities in your energy field.

What can you do?

What can you do to prevent letting in energies and entities that do not belong to you?

1. Own your own body and know yourself

To prevent picking up energies that do not belong to you, it is in the first place essential to really BE in your own body. Connect to your body, your own energy, your feelings and emotions. Ground yourself. The more YOU are present in your own body, and connected to the earth, the less space you provide for other energies to invade. The better you know yourself and your own base frequency, the faster you know when you have thoughts and feelings not your own, and can point to the presence of an earthbound entity.

2. Be assertive

You have a right to your own space. You have a right to your own boundaries. Old patterns of self-denial and sub-assertiveness often play a part in people subconsciously being too open to entities and energies. There is a number of therapies that can help you find the root of this and heal it. Assertiveness training can also be useful.

3. Keep your frequency up

As stated before, you attract what you are frequency-wise. Like attracts like. Practice consciously raising your frequency, let go of negative thoughts and focus as much as possible on what you do want to experience in your life.
Sometimes, however, lost spirits will flock to your light because of your high frequency, but these can usually easily be released into the care of their loved ones and the angels.

4. Keep your space and energy clear

There are a number of techniques you can use to do this: energy exercises, meditation, clearing, visualization and all sorts of therapeutic methods. Some like to use crystals, or singing bowls, sage or incense. In my experience is that the methods you use are not that important, what counts is the intention which with you do them. Personally, I like to use theta healing to clear my home and space, and in a pinch, I will simply ask Archangel Michael to clear my space and protect it.

5. Ask for assistance

You might also ask for the assistance of Archangel Michael and for instance Master El Morya of Christ to clear your aura and space and keep it free of any outside energies and entities. This usually works fine when you have no karmic or personal connection to the entities.

What to do when you do have entities in your field?

When there is no personal emotional connection, karmic tie or entanglement, letting go of entities and energies is, as mentioned before, easy. There is a number of techniques you might use when you do appear to have one or more earthbound entities in your energy field.
I always recommend using the technique that feels best to you and is easiest to use in your specific situation.

When you have the time, you can opt for a more elaborate technique. When you don’t have much time and privacy, you might want to use a fast and direct method.

A more elaborate way might be:
Choose a moment in which you are certain you have some time to yourself. Turn off your phone, etc. Take a little time to relax. Do a short relaxation exercise, or relax by breathing in and out deeply a couple of times, releasing any tension on the out-breath.
Ground yourself by imaging roots growing from your foot soles deep into the earth, connecting to the energy of the earth’s core. Imagine filling yourself and your aura via your crown chakra with pure light from the Cosmos, the Central Sun, or the Creator. Then imagine placing the entities outside of yourself, outside of your space in a loving way. Tell them they are safe, they have passed over, and are free to go home with their loved ones into the Light. Let them go, and ask Archangel Michael to cut any cords there might be between you and them. Consciously surrender the entities into the care of their loved ones, the angels or Archangel Michael.

Whether you are wanting for time or privacy or when you are experienced in releasing entities usually all you have to do is state the intention that you lovingly release all energies and entities into the loving care of the angels and into the Light.
Often all I do these days is ask in silence: ”Archangel Michael, please take this energy/entity into God’s Light for healing and transformation. Thank you.”

Angels and Ascended Masters love to come to us for help. All we have to do is ask.