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Past Life Regression

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(Past life) regression therapy is based on the idea, that many problems and symptoms we experience can have their basis in earlier painful experiences that have not been healed. These experiences can stem from early childhood or adolescence, adult trauma, but also pre- and perinatal experiences or even past lives.

how does past life regression work?
In past life regression we make the subconscious experiences and memories, whether they stem from past life or early childhood, conscious. For this we use a light state of trance, in which you will be conscious of the past, as well as remain rooted in the present. By focussing on aspects of the problem under the guidance of the therapist, it is usually quite easy to find the cause(s) of it in the past.

By making the emotionally charged memories and beliefs that are connected to the old experiences conscious, and releasing them, you can free yourself of their influence. You might also release energies and attachments you adopted from other people. Reconnecting to your authentic self and energy, rediscovering your soul mission and reconnecting with soul family can also have a wonderfully healing influence.

In most cases therapy is preceded by an intake interview.
The intake takes, like the therapy sessions, two hours.
In the intake we can get acquainted and have a thorough talk about your history, your ancestral history, your life and everything that has bearing on your problems or therapy goals. Of course there is also ample opportunity to ask questions about past life therapy. When possible I will also use an astrological chart for your birth to get more insight in your personality and life, your potential and possible obstacles.

Every session starts off with a short talk in which we discuss your progress and therapy goal for that session. The following trance session takes about an hour. After the session there is the opportunity to talk everything through and if necessary set a goal for the next.
Usually clients choose to do 1 or 2 session per months, but more or less is also an option, it all depends on your wants and goals.
Because the practice is quite busy I usually advise people to schedule in a few appointments at a time. Any surplus sessions can be cancelled if need be, if in time.

past life sessions out of interest
Of course you don’t need to have problems to do past life regression sessions! Exploring past lives and the in-between state can be a wonderful way to understand yourself and your life mission better, to discover the roots of certain talents and traits, or your connections to certain people. Often 1 or 2 sessions suffice here, though I usually advise to do an intake interview here as well, so I have a good impression of where you’re coming from and what I can expect to come up during a session! When people schedule an appointment, sometimes issues or parts of themselves that they may not be aware of or have forgotten about seize the opportunity to surface so they can get some healing. The subconscious is funny that way…

for whom?
Past life therapy is very suitable for people who really wish to get to the core of the obstacles that still keep them from living a full, empowered and authentic life.
Past life regression requires a certain amount of psychological maturity: the sense that you are responsible for your own life, well-being and the choices you make; that you are not a victim but the creator of your life. Your circumstances are merely mirrors that reflect the limiting beliefs and fears you might subconsciously still entertain. With an experienced therapist these can be understood and healed, so you can live more fully from the joy of being your authentic self.

I generally do not work with people who are unable or unwilling to take responsibility for themselves and their own lives. I also do not work with people who want to use past life regression as a means of spiritual escape from the present.

I furthermore do not work with clients with psychiatric diagnoses such as personality disorders, clinical depression and bipolair disorder, addictions, eating disorders, etc.

Most antidepressants will dampen the emotions and are therefore a contra-indication for regression. I will usually refer clients who use anti-depressants or experience great difficulty in connecting to their emotions to other therapy forms. Sometimes regression is possible at a later stage.

A large number of my clients could describe themselves as highly sensitive people (HSP). Highly sensitive people are often prone to taking on board many energies and emotions in their environment and from other people. They are also more open to energies and entity attachment. Once you have learned how to deal with being highly sensitive, it becomes a talent and a wonderful way of experiencing the world.
Learning who to deal with aspects of being highly sensitive is often a part of the therapeutic process with these clients.

guides, angels and other helpers
I work from the assumption that I am not only working with the client as he/she is present in my room at the moment, but also with his or her Higher Self, and their subconscious. Sometimes, during sessions there is a clear sense of receiving assistances from other realms: spiritual guides, loved ones that have passed over, animal totems, loved ones from other lifetimes, angels, ascended masters etc. Of course we check these presences for authenticity, as not everything in the spiritual realm is what it seems. The true presence of angels, guides and loved ones can be a wonderful help during the session and is often perceived as a ‘gift from heaven’.

energy attachments
Energy attachments are energies or entities that do not belong to you but have been allowed to nestle in your energy system. From the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and energies of other people, to the presence of entities or loved ones that have passed away but are not conscious of the fact, what they have in common is that they do not belong in your energy system and will likely cause disruption. Usually they are the cause of exhaustion, vague physical complaints, emotions and thoughts that seem alien to you, etc.
There is always some reason, however subconscious, you have agreed to take on the energy. In regression therapy we can find and release these energies or entities, and heal the ‘point of attraction’ so you will not attract like energies again.

inner childwork
We all meet with disappointments in childhood: no parent is perfect, no family is ideal and no mother or father is able to be the perfect parent we need.
But sometimes, relationships with parents and other family members can be so problematic, and we start to distort our authentic self and adapt so dramatically, that we seriously disrupt the relationship with our true self.
Examples of problems within the family that can lead to this are emotional, psychological and physical abuse and neglect, bad parenting, a bad relationship between the parents, excessive fights and aggression between parents or siblings, emotional manipulation, sexual abuse, etc.

The inner child at your core that could and should be a source of joy, playfulness and energy can be overshadowed by and stuck in the past. Psychological survival mechanisms we begin to use to survive as children will limit us as adults, especially in our relationships.
To contact the inner child and release it from the burden of responsibility, parental energies etc will bring back the joy and freedom that are your birthright as a child and empower you as an adult.

If past life regression, childhood regression and therapy sound a little daunting to you, please note that there is also lots of room for laughter during sessions! Humour brings everything in perspective and is an important part of what it means to be a human. Humour also is a great way to see yourself and your life in perspective and re-empower you. Therapy is working with human beings and I greatly enjoy it.

Q & A column
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