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Past life therapy for children via the parent

From January 2016 onwards I have been conducting past life therapy for (very) young children via the parent.

What is it?
Perhaps you have heard of Family Constellations, or have been present at a Constellation session. In family constellations the fact that people can identify with the energy, emotion and history of other people surprisingly easily is used as a therapeutic tool.

Regression with children younger than 5 or 6 can be a problem, even just becasue complex problems aren’t easily expressed through language. The solution, then is to work with the child via you, the parent.

In past life regression via the parent, you yourself, instead of your child, will go in a light trance and step into the experiences, emotions, and energy of your child under the guidance of the therapist. This way, you can identify where problems come from and help the child heal them.

The child is not physically present at the session, but we do ask their permisssion beforehand. When the child is too young to give permission itself we will contact his or her Higher Self and ask for permission, for instance using muscle testing.

Problems in young children can originate in past lives, but can also stem from experiences in utero, from a difficult birth, their first years, and from problematic themes in the family and from ancestors.
That is why it is important that you as a parent are prepared and able to look at the part you as a parent, or your ancestors might play in the problems of your child, in this life or even past lives.

Sometimes it can be necessary to have a few regression sessions yourself, to clear up your own issues from this or other lives your child might be reacting to, because not healing them would hamper your ability to help your child. If you have too many unresolved issues yourself, you might not yet be able to help your child and might need to do some therapeutic work yourself, first.

For past life regression for your child, the intake process is the same: first, you make an appointment for yourself using the contact form. We then have a short phone appointment to get aquinted (this is free). We then make an appointment for an intake interview in which we look at your personal history and your child’s history and present problems.

After the intake we make an appointment for the actual regression session(s).

Regression for children via the parent is possible for children between about 0 -12 years old, for older children I would advise choosing a therapist that works with children in person. There might be situations in which working via the parent is preferable however; when in doubt, just ask using my contact form.