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Practical Information

regressie reincarnatie spiritualiteit ascentieaktischAppointments and information
If you want to make an appointment for past life therapy or any of my other services, please use the contact form.
I can then schedule in an short introductory telephone call in which we can get acquainted, and in which I can assess wether I can indeed offer you appropriate services pertaining to your questions and therapeutic wishes.

We can subsequently schedule an appointment for the offical intake interview. After the intake, we can schedule in 1 or more therapy sessions.

Please note that my office is in the Netherlands and I only conduct live, one on one therapy sessions. I do not work via Skype, phone or e-mail.

As of January 2015:
€ 130,- per 2-hour session / intake.

If you are a resident of the Netherlands, I can provide you with a receit for your health insurance company or the Belastingdienst. Please note that many health insure companies still do not/barely provide payment for past life therapy; in most cases you will have to pay for sessions yourself.

reincarnatietherapie regressie vorige leens wendy gillissen earth past life regression therapyOrganisation
I am a professional member of EARTh, the European organisation of Reincarnation therapists.


If you need to cancel a booked session, please do so within 24 hours or sooner if possible, so I can schedule in someone else. Sessions that are not cancelled in time, will be billed.

Extra: birth chart
I will create a birth chart for use with the intake interview, to get additional and fast insight in your personal themes, problems and potential. This is free of charge.

Sessions are conducted in my private practice in Delft, the Netherlands.

More about past life therapy
For more information please read the articles and pages on this website and my blog (the number of articles that are translated into English is steadily growing). You might also visit the website of EARTh for articles, videos etc.

Or visit my links page.