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The key to realise heaven on earth

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This is an abbreviated version of the Dutch article ”Three keys to realize heaven on Earth.” It has also been published on the Edge online magazine. Enjoy!

The three enemies of humankind

Once I read a statement that struck me to the core because it rang so true: “The two greatest enemies of man are guilt and shame.” I would like to address a third one that I think is most important of all. The third biggest threat to happiness is: the battle for energy.


When we are disconnected from the true source of energy — our connection to Source, our own true Self and the Earth — we start trying to obtain energy through another. This strife, to my mind, is the root cause of violence in its broadest sense, from psychological and physical abuse to oppression, slavery and war.


Energy, the most valuable commodity for human beings, takes many forms, for instance: joy, passion, attention, love, fun, creativity, appreciation and gratitude. In being connected to our own higher being and expressing our own true self here on Earth, we channel our own unique qualities and experience an ultimate form of happiness and fulfilment.

Authentic Self

Being your true authentic self and acting from it is fulfilment in itself. It connects you to a inexhaustible source of authentic power and joy that is incomparable. By having authentic relationships with others, we experience unconditional love, joy, passion and ecstasy.

Connection to Source

Through a healthy connection to Source we are open to a continuous stream of love, inspiration, light and wisdom, and we experience the ultimate sense of security by knowing we are eternal beings who are never alone.

Connection to the Earth

By connecting to the Earth, we are not only nourished by her energy, and can express our inspiration and creative energy in the material world, but we also have a firm footing so we can stand tall.

Ancient Paradise

Possibly, humanity has known more than one golden age, in which people lived in harmony, each person realizing their unique potential on Earth in harmony with the other and the environment without strife. There have been times in which civilizations were based on the principles of unconditional love, mutual respect and harmony.



But somewhere in the distant past, polarities were introduced and opposites became more distinct. The negative or dark side of existence became more prevalent on Earth. The negative pole is the absence of love, consciousness and light, which manifests as callousness, greed, ignorance, hatred, lust for power, cruelty, etc. Many theories about the origin of this exist. Some say it was because of the interference of parasitic beings from other galaxies. Whatever the case may be, from that point on, more and more people experienced pain, shock and trauma — and because of this, people began having difficulty in connecting to Source, to their own True Being.


This led to a negative spiral of trauma, shock, fear, violence, pain, lack and the struggle for survival — the battle for energy. This continual battle creates perpetrator-and-victim trauma to this day: a negative spiral that sustains itself and needs to be reversed if we are to live life as it was meant to be.


When people are still in a state of lowered consciousness and they cannot sufficiently nourish themselves by connecting to Source, their true Being and the Earth — because of shock and trauma in this life or past lives and subsequent survival mechanisms — they will seek other ways to gain life force and experience a surrogate for joy.

Tactics to gain energy

The tactics people may use to gain energy and joy vary from mild to extremely destructive, but they all have the same thing in common: they are meant, consciously or subconsciously, to get energy through or from the other. When you read the list of examples below, you may see that some of them are even imbedded in our society and have become normalized.


Some examples of energy strife tactics include:
competing for money, status, attention, love, acknowledgement;
helping from a need to be needed;
idolizing others;
judging and devaluating others;
theft of property, identity, intellectual property;
psychological, physical and sexual abuse;


The tragedy is that none of these tactics are necessary — as long as people are willing to take responsibility for their own energy through Source, the Earth and being their own authentic self. If we all did, there would be an end to abuse, aggression, strife and war. It would be the key to happiness for all. We would have heaven on Earth.


The following are some suggestions on ways to connect to Source, your authentic self and the Earth:

• All therapeutic ways that help you connect to and heal your inner wounds.
• Reclaiming your life force by healing your wounded inner child and your past lives.
• Doing what truly makes you happy.
• Authentic relationships based on real connectedness, unconditional love and integrity.
• Relating, giving to others and helping from unconditional love.
• Expressing yourself creatively without judgment.
• Enjoying art, music, beauty.
• Connecting with nature.

There is enough joy, beauty, fun, talent, energy and attention for everyone. Enjoy!

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